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Foss Park District - Mission and Goals

Our Commitment to You!


The Foss Park District is committed to providing parks, recreation, services and facilities to our culturally diverse population through the resources of community involvement, dedicated staff and sound management.


An innovative park district that adapts to our community and provides exceptional parks, recreation, and services.


• Accountability…We will work to achieve the most effective and efficient use of our financial resources while striving for the best return on the use of our assets.

• Excellence…We will strive for the best in everything we do.

• Integrity…We will practice steadfast adherence to a high moral and ethical code, and we will reliably deliver on what we say we are going to do.

• Service Oriented…We will focus our efforts on our customers and will operate the District based on the needs of the community.

• Working Together…The Board and staff will use a collaborative and cooperative team based approach that results in the best possible decisions for the greater good of the community.


In FY 2011/2012, the Foss Park District is developing a strategic planning process including a 5 year plan. The process relies heavily on community, Park Board, and staff perspectives and their knowledge of the North Chicago community. In addition, this strategic plan is being framed around existing initiatives the District has undertaken.

Align Programs with Community Needs

Provide Communication Tools that Welcome and Attract Residents

Develop Flexible Pricing Strategies

Financial Theme:

Fiscally Responsible

Increase Revenue

Prudent Financial Planning

Increase Program and Facility Revenue

Internal Business Theme:

Operational Excellence

Maintaining Operational Quality

Build Strategic Alliances

Develop Sustainable Practices

Employee Learning and Growth Theme:

Dedicated Staff

Create Job Value

Training Approaches for Educated Staff

Employee Learning and Growth Theme: Sound Management

Empower Staff

Quality Decision Making


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